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Volunteer - We need your help!

The Urbandale Historical Society relies almost solely on the work of volunteers.  With the exception of major building and maintenance jobs, electrical work, security, snow removal and lawn care, etc., no one is being paid for their work. That is one reason we do not currently have daily office hours at the Olmsted-Urban House.

Board members and some long-time members with special interests have taken on special assignments, but additional help is needed in all these areas.


If you have any special talents or interests, we are most interesed in your help.


Specific Committees are:

1.  Programs and Trips: Board Liaison - Bob Simon, Norm Huitt, Pat Finnerty 

  • Identify and plan topics and speakers for our monthly program meetings.

  • Identify and plan trips and tours to offer our membership and community to locales of interest

2.  Refreshments: Board Liaison - Virginia Gee, Ginny Campbell 

  • Plan and coordinate providing refreshments for our monthly program meetings.

  • Plan and coordinate providing refreshments for our events (Open Houses, Punch on the Porch, etc.)

3.  Buildings/Grounds/House Maintenance: Board Liaison - Norm Huitt, Pat Finnerty, Ginny Campbell 

  • Provide light maintenance work around the house and grounds to maintain the house in good working order.

  • Put up and take down outside Christmas decorations

  • Provide advice and assistance in projects for the Building and grounds of the facility.

  • Light housecleaning

4.   Records and History:  Board Liaison - Virginia Gee, Pat Finnerty, Meribeth Haynes

  • Light office work in maintaining the records, materials and holdings of the Society.

  • Provide assistance with developing and cataloging the materials in an electronic fashion.

  • Develop and disseminate the quarterly newsletter and other communications of the Society including the website.

  • Provide assistance with the Acquisitions and Restorations of materials.

5.  Open Houses and Tours: Board Liaison - Virginia Gee, Kay Readinger 

  • Provide assistance with the monthly Open houses and special tours.

6.  Special Events and Projects: Board Liaison - Ginny Campbell, Virginia Gee 

  • Provide and coordinate for the special events.

  • Provide and develop ideas for other special events or projects.

7.  Publicity: Board Liaison - Cynthia Dabrieo

  • Develop and disseminate publicity items to local venues to promote the Society and its events.

8.   Membership: Board Liaison - Pat Finnerty, Jo Henry

  • Maintaining the records and inventory of the membership rolls.

  • Promoting membership in the Society.

  • Developing and dissemination a membership directory on a periodic basis.

  • Coordination membership volunteer activities.

9.   Ice Cream Social: Board Liaison - Jo Henry, Norm Huitt

  • Planning and coordination for the Annual Ice Cream Social

10. Christmas Open House:  Board Liaison - Ginny Campbell, Carol Lee Riekenberg

  • Planning and coordination for the Annual Christmas Open House

To volunteer, please contact any board member, or send us a note ( send information to 4010 - 70th Street, or call 270-2917 and leave a message.

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