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One of the purposes of the Urbandale Historical Society is to collect, preserve and maintain historical memorabilia of Urbandale.  Consider donating or allowing us to copy photographs, clippings or small items related to the families, businesses, schools, organizations, public service workers and memorabilia related to past community events from Urbandale’s early years.  When you are cleaning out the attic and find such items, think of the Historical Society.  We have so few pictures from early days.

The Olmsted-Urban House is furnished as a place to represent a slice of life reminiscent of that at ‘Grandmother’s House’ in a small town during the 1920s and 1930s.  Do you have some household items, knickknacks, vintage clothing or other items that help to tell this story?

In the Barn we have tools and other items related to farm life.  We also try to tell the story of the farm wife’s activities and laundry, gardening, dairy and family sports.

If you have something you think we might use, contact Virginia Gee or Norm Huitt.  If we decide to accept it, we will ask you to sign a simple acquisition form to acknowledge the donation.

If you are interested in bequeathing money in a will, please contact the society (515-270-2917)

The Society also appreciates monetary contributions to help with the ongoing costs of maintenance and restoration of the Olmsted-Urban House and Barn.  We rely greatly on these donations to maintain the house and property.  These funds are tax deductible. 


Thank you for your support in preserving Urbandale's History!

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