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Volunteer - We need your help!

The Urbandale Historical Society relies almost solely on the work of volunteers. With the exception of major building and maintenance jobs, electrical work, security, snow removal and lawn care, etc., no one is being paid for their work. That is one reason we do not currently have daily office hours at the Olmsted-Urban House.

Board members and some long-time members with special interests have taken on special assignments, but additional help is needed in all these areas. Contact any of these special committee workers if you see an area you would be interested in.

Special Committee Workers

Barn Displays ----------------------
Virginia Gee and Bob Simon
Bus Tours -------------------------- Bob Simon and Carol Lee Riekenberg
Cataloging & Acquisitions ----- Carol Lee Riekenberg
Gardens & Special Planting ---- Maxine Edwards
Ice Cream Social ----------------- Norm and Faith Huitt
Newsletter ------------------------- Virginia Gee, and Gene and Beth Haigh
Technology Support ------------- Gene Haigh

Participation in Special Projects

Participation in special projects (some just once a year events) not only help the Society continue the work, but gives you an opportunity to share your time and talent in a meaningful way for the community. The Urbandale Historical Society and its continued success depend on all of us. Most of the work for the Urbandale Historical Society is done by volunteers. We need your help. What are your interests? Join the special committee workers.

Some of the areas in which members can help include:

  • Greeters and guides for group tours of the Olmsted-Urban House
  • House maintenance - inside and out
  • Yard and garden work
  • Program planning
  • Research on acquisitions
  • House restoration projects
  • Fundraising activities: Ice Cream Social
  • Membership development
  • Open houses - tour / refreshments
  • Calling members to inform them of special activities
  • Photographing sites and events of historical interest in Urbandale
  • Taping interviews with long-time residents to help preserve Urbandale’s past
  • Collecting and cataloging photographs, clippings, and other historical memorabilia
  • Computer scanning of materials for historic preservation

To volunteer, please contact a board member, or special project chairperson, send information to 4010 - 70th Street, or call 270-2917 and leave a message.

Urbandale Historical Society
4010 - 70th St., Urbandale, Iowa 50322 ~ 515-270-2917


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